Sleep Education Program

Wake Up and LearnTM’s sleep education program can help your students perform better. With all the challenges facing kids & teens today, establishing healthy habits is critical to maintaining physical, mental and emotional wellness. Wake Up and LearnTM is a school-based sleep education and surveillance program that has helped students, parents and staff understand the importance of proper sleep schedules. However, while sleep education alone is important, continued efforts to screen and educate on sleep health throughout the year is  key to setting and maintaining good habits.. We know that chronic sleep difficulties can result in poor grades, impaired sports performance, increased risk taking behavior and mood instability. That’s why we help them identify the changes they need to make in order to get a good night’s sleep so that they have their best day in school.

School Screening Program

Middle school and high school can be demanding and involve much more schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Frequently, this results in cutting corners on sleep in order to  keep up with everything.. That’s why students in Grades 7-12 who enroll in Wake Up and LearnTM can participate in a simple sleep screening process and educational program throughout the academic year. Students can have their sleep screened in the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. Students who provide responses concerning for sleep problems will be invited to have a more detailed sleep assessment to better develop a  personalized plan that will be shared with their parents, and can also be shared with their primary care provider and school to improve their sleep.

Why Is Sleep So Important?

It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep makes you feel better when you wake up in the morning and go about your day! Great sleep can be transformational for teens and kids ability to balance  physical mental and emotional changes they experience while growing up. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep among teens and kids can lead to increased weight gain, poor school performance, depression, risk taking behavior and even suicidal thoughts and actions. We understand that increasing school and social demands make sleep seem like the logical place to cut back on hours to create more time in the day. However, sleep shortcuts can actually result in decreased productivity, increased errors and even injury. Teens and kids who embrace consistent healthy sleep habits and patterns can do better in school, feel more emotional stable and can even help their performance in extracurricular activities.

How We Help Educators

Educators are invested in the development and wellness of the growing minds they are cultivating on a daily basis. As such, helping your teens and kids establish the right sleep habits is critical in achieving their best potential. When your students are enrolled in Wake Up and LearnTM, we provide essential training to teachers and educational staff for Grades 7-12. These courses will help educators and other school staff learn how to spot the signs that may be present during the school day that may be due  to an unrecognized sleep disorder. Symptoms may include falling asleep in class, tardiness and increased absences, ADHD, depression, deteriorating grades and much more. Once you know how to recognize potential sleep disorders in your students, you can then help them get the help they need to achieve high quality sleep, so they are better equipped to take on the day.

Collectibles and Tips

In addition to our sleep surveillance program and general support services, we also offer many cool posters, handouts and tips to use in school! One unique part of our program is our collectible card series that offer fun and helpful sleep tips to teens and kids. We also update our website regularly with easily accessible sleep tips for educators, parents and students!

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